Who is tom cruise dating 2016

He’s been the largest proponent of the religious practice for decades.

Allegedly, he is exiting the controversial church, and it’s all because of a woman, an actress named Annabelle Wallis.Wallis and Tom Cruise both star in the upcoming reboot of The Mummy.He’ supposed to be very infatuated with the 31-year-old actress, and they have reportedly embarked on top secret romantic getaways together.Tom might be ready to commit and take things further, but Wallis isn’t having any of it.

A source for Ok Magazine has claimed she won’t commit to him unless he leaves Scientology.As long as he continues to remain a practicing member of the church, she won’t even consider settling down with him. We’ve seen Tom’s antics and strange behavior before, so this could perhaps be another publicity stunt on his part.



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