Who is mandy barnett dating


Classic country and pop crooner Mandy Barnett, who as a youngster performed at Cedars of Lebanon Flea Market, will entertain at 7 p.m., Saturday, April 9, at the Capitol Theatre in Lebanon.She says the show will feature classic country and classic pop tunes, and, of course, some Patsy Cline hits.


In fact, for a couple of years the flea market across from Cedars of Lebanon State Park afforded her a stage, an audience and a mentor. "It was a program with all the other kids and they wanted me to sing a solo.Submitted The evening of her graduation from Cumberland County High School in 1993, Mandy Barnett was thrilled to have her Lebanon friends present for the big occasion.From left are Marie Lea, Barnett, Robbie Lea and Raymond Lea.We went there every weekend or so and it developed into friendship." Flea Market Features Barnett met Lea in the summer of 1985 when she was 9 years old.


At the time cassette tapes were new on the market, and the savvy Lea began selling them.She asked Perry Lanius, who owned and operated Cedars of Lebanon Flea Market, if he might build a platform on a trailer so that she and her musical trio could demonstrate cassette soundtracks, and Lanius agreed.



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