Who is lara govan dating

An Email leaked accusing Gilbert Arenas of sleeping with Laura Govans family members, getting Draya Michele beat up, STD's and more... Since I've known you 2001 ok, you HAVE ALWAYSSSS SLEPT AROUND! This comes on the heels of Govan facing eviction at the hands of Arenas, who is giving her and their four children 60 days to vacate the premises.-blogged by @4evertanisha- With the back and forth allegations of both parties that have been recently exploited via Instagram with Gilbert Arenas finally answering back accusing of Laura of being an unfit mom and worrying about Instagram likes instead of her own kids appearance, it seems as if things are just getting heated up. Even as far as sleeping with some of my family memebers! The two have been engaged in a mudslinging contest for months similar to that of her sister, Gloria Govan, and her ex-baller hubby, Matt Barnes.While Laura and Arenas are in an ugly court battle after they both said too much on social media, she said their legal issues aren’t the reasons she stays quiet about him and Gloria’s past together. It was something I was going through and we were younger…There was a lot going on in the relationship…Instead, she revealed that she is penning a book that will spill all of the juicy details. She said that she introduced Gloria to her now estranged husband Matt Barnes, because Gloria was getting too close to Arenas. There’s a lot that I went through, with my sister and dealing with this situation.



star Laura Govan and her ex-fiance Gilbert Arenas has resurfaced after she lost a lawsuit case against him this week.The tables for Govan after Arenas sued her defamation when she claimed that he gave her several STDs during the course of their long-term relationship (that ended with four kids).



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