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) Would u believe of all the songs on the playlist she was born to daddy’s song!!?!!!She was born to “Luckiest Man.”And of course – that I am! Jay couldn’t help going on with more, and he can’t believe that he’s finally a dad! Look forward to bringing her along on the road so u can meet her.Little Avya weighed in at 6 pounds, 7 ounces, according to Jay’s Instagram message.It’s no surprise that the musical couple made a playlist for the delivery, but Avya’s arrival was timed with one of Jay’s most appropriate songs!Jay told us to look out for his new single that hits the radio next week, “I made it” with his newly formed group Cash Money Heroes with rapper Lil Wayne, Birdman, and Kevin Rudolf.


#imadad#butistillfeellikeakidmyself#shesalreadymorematurethanmeandshesonly3daysold.” What do YOU think, Holly Moms? 21 and he admitted there’s a new girl in his life, but he wouldn’t reveal her identity! It’s relatively new…it’s true.” As for exciting Valentines Day plans unfortunately it looks at though his date will be fellow R&B star Ne-Yo.



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    The latest version of Alter IWNet is currently unknown.

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    But commuting for hours every day at jobs I didn’t love prevented me from seeing the very people I was doing it for: my family. I began selling tamales door-to-door six days a week, sometimes going to bed around 2AM and waking up at 4AM to continue preparing for the upcoming day.

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    Nevertheless, it has to be admitted that a good number of pure Scorpios are more secretive, abrupt, strong-willed and fiercely erotic than most people.

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