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[] And then we just moved forward from there in the best way we thought we possibly could, and we’re here today doing our second release with Columbia Records. With all the work you guys have put in, and now that you’re on your second album, how does it feel to get to this point? We come up with the most interesting show that we think we can with the time period that we have to rehearse.

As artists, it’s a dream to do what we love to do, so we were hoping that we would do this forever. It’s the greatest feeling in the world to wake up and know I don’t have to go to a s—ty job every week. So for me, I do a lot of the artwork and the photography and the visual stuff for the band, so I get to wake up every day and just be creative, and I get to spend every second of my days with my kid and soon to be new baby. That’s our job: We’re going on tour with a new record.

And Gianni and I are together so we’re living our dream. We spend a week in rehearsals and learn the new songs and come up with a brand new show and all new antics.

We want to make it fun and entertaining every time we come to a new city or visit a city again.



Fast forward three years and over 165 million You Tube views later; Walk Off the Earth are not only ready to release their sophomore album, , via Columbia Records on June 16, but they’re also hopping on the road to play packed venues around North America.

Before the band hits the road, we had the chance to chat with Blackwood about Walk Off the Earth’s growing success, their upcoming record and bringing her son (with Luminati) on tour. Gianni and Marshall started the band in 2006, and then Taylor and Joel, we all played in different bands.

And I was playing in a punk band at the time, like touring all the time and making solo music — I actually hired Gianni to work on a solo album.

We stay on top of what’s going on and keep people aware of everything.

Then from there he asked me, “Oh we need a female vocal for a few songs, can you do it?

” And I was like, “Sure.” Gianni and I were both getting into the You Tube thing, and Gianni had some really cool ideas for some videos and I was like, “Oh I want to be involved.



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