Updating password on blackberry


Keep reading and we'll show you how to setup a home screen shortcut on Black Berry 10.

First off, open up the browser and head to the site for which you want to add the shortcut.

It’s yummy, it’s impossible to say no to and most of all – you decide exactly how and when you want it. You have four different options for Black Berry Internet Services as a Virgin Mobile prepaid customer, tailored to suit your needs and most importantly your pocket.

Each service is valid for 7 day, 14 day and 30 day options.

Wherever you are in the world, BBM™ enables you to instantly chat, send and receive pictures and much more in real-time, making it the ultimate tool for people who want to keep in contact on the go. Black Berry® Email No need for a web-based email as you can create your own Black Berry® email account as soon as your Black Berry® Plan is activated.

Enter the password for your email address, confirm it and click “Next”.

Once the site is loaded up, tap the overflow icon (3 dots) then choose Add to Home Screen In the next dialog, you'll see the icon, web address and have the options to name the shortcut as you see fit. Now you'll see the icon on your home screen and when you tap it you'll be taken straight to that page in the browser.Adding an email address you already have When adding an existing email address to a profile, enter it in the top section of the page displayed.I have various sites bookmarked this way and it truly does save time when wanting to hit up those web sites.This trick is especially handy for web apps or social sites like Twitter, Facebook and Untappd.

On Black Berry 10, you have the ability to add a home screen shortcut for any web page you want.

This comes in handy if you frequent certain pages and want to have instant access to them from your home screen, rather than trek into the browser and open up your bookmarks.



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