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Joni Ernst's Iraq War experience and ongoing service in the Iowa National Guard have been central to her political rise over the past year, but have also drawn pointed questions and criticisms.

Is it a conflict to continue her military commitments while serving in the Senate?

27, 1990, and served in the ROTC until her graduation in May 1992. Shaw reviewed congressional precedents dating to 1789, as well as case law on the matter, and concluded reservists should be barred from holding office unless they resign their military offices. No court has definitively addressed the issue, and prominent figures have argued in favor of allowing it. Because Ernst was not on active duty at the time and did not portray the comments as the official position of the National Guard, she did not violate any laws or military policies, Kuehn said, referring a reporter to the Department of Defense directive. Kuehn and Hapgood instead emphasized the positives, noting that Ernst's military background provides an expertise and personal understanding of the issues she considers on the Senate Armed Services Committee. Ernst is a civilian and has the same permissions as any other U. citizen," Ernst's spokeswoman, Brook Hougesen, said in an email to the Register.Research by The Des Moines Register shows she meets the military's definition of a combat veteran and that her service in the Guard does not limit her political speech, but the constitutionality of her concurrent service in Congress and the National Guard is less clear-cut. Solicitor General Robert Bork made the same argument in a brief on the Schlesinger case.The Republican's military experience defined her candidacy in 2014, helping set her apart in a crowded primary and then secure a general-election victory to become Iowa's first female member of Congress. Barry Goldwater delivered a series of speeches from the Senate floor in 1963 arguing that Reserve Component officers could serve in Congress. In his law review article, Shaw finds both the Goldwater and Bork arguments to be flawed even though they have not been formally challenged in Congress or by the courts. Ernst is also eligible for health insurance benefits both as a member of Congress and a member of the Guard, although the coverage she receives is not connected to either employer.10, 2003, and ultimately was deployed to Kuwait during the Iraq War.


She was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the U. Army Reserve in 1992, and subsequently was promoted to first lieutenant in 1995 and captain in 1999. Tammy Duckworth, D-Ill., was a member of the Illinois Army National Guard when she began serving in Congress in 2013 but retired as a lieutenant colonel in 2014. In the 1970s, a federal circuit court found in Schlesinger v. Joni Ernst poses for a group photo with Army Reserve soldiers from the Des Moines-based 361st Medical Logistics Company during their deployment farewell ceremony Saturday in Pleasant Hill. She joined the Iowa Army National Guard in 2001, and was promoted to major in 2005 and lieutenant colonel in 2011, according to military records. Reservists Committee to Stop the War that individuals with Reserve commissions could not simultaneously serve in Congress. The senator spoke about her own experiences as a deployed soldier and wished the unit well as it prepared to deploy to Afghanistan.



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