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Housing Minister, Simon Coveney, says there needs to be a faster turnover of Council housing stock, and that vacated council houses should not be left sitting void for anything longer than ‘a number of weeks.’“We’ve made huge progress in relation to the voids issue in the last two years, in Dublin, Cork and Galway,” Minister Coveney said.

“Last year there were 3,600 voids brought back into use and the Government put a special fund in place for Cork City Council and the Dublin councils to actually make sure that that happened.

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Minister Coveney said it is not “his style to be beating Councils with a stick” to ensure a faster turnover of empty houses, but that he wants to work with local authorities to make it happen: “I need to make sure that they have the resources to be able to deal with it, and then we need to have an agreement at very senior management level to have a sense of urgency to get voids back into use faster.To be fair, that sense of urgency is there in Cork at the moment, but that’s only been the case for the last 18 months or so, and I think we’re making good progress.



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