Sophia bush wentworth miller dating

Nina lands her first decent role, playing opposite the talented and scorchingly-hot Wentworth Miller in a small indie film.The storyline calls for a pretty intense foreplay scene.The other man is Wentworth Miller, an actor both Js have admired in the past, having both been fans of the show Prison Break. After almost ten years together, is this the end of J2 forever?Un corazón le devolvería a Jensen la vida ideal junto a su bella esposa, el mismo corazón que le daría a Sherry la oportunidad de salvar a su amado hijo.



Jared catches Jensen kissing one of the stars from the new show, Legends of Tomorrow.Inevitablemente, la salvación de uno será la desgracia del otro.On their way to a shoot, Wentworth Miller and Paul Adelstein get separated from the rest of the cast.However will they spend the time waiting for the tow truck to come?

DISCLAIMER: This is just a bit of light hearted fun and is not meant to insult any fanfiction conventions in general or any specific fanfiction in particular. (Note: no characters in this fiction get involved with anyone outside of their age group; they're all teenagers). The 'underage' tag is because, depending on where in the world you live, anyone under 18 could be considered jailbait.


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    We all want to date that one guy who is just about perfect, has that smile that makes you go weak in the knees, and makes waking up in the morning really, really awesome just because you get to see his beautiful face! Trust us, dating a guy who knows how to pluck all the right strings has got to be awesome for all these reasons.

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