Sexy chate lines

Just learn from guys like me…all of my advice has been tested by me and by 1,000s of my happy customers from all over the world.

Here is a quick sample of some of my best and highly-tested dirty pick up lines: One of my favorite lines is to walk past a woman, then back up and say (with a SMILE), It almost always gets a big smile and a laugh and immediately makes the conversation turn sexual and playful.


(I’ve been using it successfully for the past year and it leads to sex, or at least a phone number with 5 out of 10 women).

Another dirty pick up line that I like to use is, Most women are unable to stop themselves from smiling and will start laughing when they notice that they are smiling.

The key to using dirty pick up lines is to say them in a confident, easy-going way. However, if you are too serious or tense about the dirty line, it will make her feel awkward and even annoyed.

If you can do that, she will appreciate it is a joke and have a laugh with you.


My dirty pick up lines are the only ones that you will ever need to know. Other websites may list out 100s of dirty pick up lines, but most of those lines have NEVER been tested and will only get you rejected if you try them.Most lines that you find online are simply IDEAS that guys have come up with while sitting around and thinking about what they COULD say.


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