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Clearly, you are capable of quitting or you wouldn’t have gone 10 weeks. I will sell my own stuff before I see them go without.I too, stopped for a while, 6 weeks, then relapsed. I only relapsed once of late, but lost £800 which would have paid for all the presents.I have learnt to be happy with simple things and I know now that gambling threatened to take from me what I cared about the most. I’d settle for peace of mind this Christmas, it has been a nightmare, and the last few years have nearly killed me. 10 weeks is really fantastic, Gary, Get it back again.I am on day 3, but it will become 3 weeks, 3 months and 3 years.I have tried and failed many times to give up in the past.I keep going, and will not stop trying until I kick this habit once and for all. It is usual to relapse and you must not let it get to you.Get yourself right back on track, pick up where you left off. Do not look to win the money back, get it back the hard way, that way, you won’t squander it again, you will learn to respect it. You are not out of control, you just need to sit back, take a time out and assess the situation.


Be hopeful and you can have a very simple, meaningful Christmas, like me.

I can’t afford a lot, but I am content with what I have.


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    The local office must ensure that a person can obtain an application packet within 15 minutes of coming into the office.

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    Not sure why the guys in China are so interested in hacking my servers.

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    When I give tours here at the factory, I ask our visitors to think of the banjo as a “giant lollipop” because many of them are not banjo players…but we have all eaten our fair share of lollipops.

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