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Parents need to know that trouble literally and figuratively lurks in all the celluloid corners of this family drama.The subject matter veers toward grown-up angst, even though it's populated by both teens and adults.Especially when she's busy flirting with her cute, long-lost love.And fans who've followed Zuniga since her days on Melrose Place will enjoy the extra layer that her reunion with former co-star Show brings to the series.8 August 2005When Lynn Kerr's daughter Sophie wins a scholarship to an elite school she must pack up her two daughters and move from New Mexico to New York City.But as can be expected, life in the Big Apple isn't as glam or grand as it often appears to be -- what starts out promising quickly turns challenging.Things get particularly difficult when Sophie's crush turns on her when her mother starts dating his father and when Lynn's new business partner seems to be flakier than she's comfortable with.The premise alone -- a mother decamps to the Big Apple with her teen daughters after her husband cheats on her with her daughter's friend -- is enough to raise eyebrows.

A woman's husband cheats on her with a girl young enough to be his daughter; she then hooks up with her daughter's friend's father.A teen's past includes a diet-pill dependency -- it's all in the mix.


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    The last vestiges of dating can be found online, and even there the younger users of online dating sites are often anxious to shift to a “hanging out, meeting up out” model rather than continue dating in the traditional way.

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    She took the rope and began to smack strongly Anna.

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    She gave him a blow job while chat room commenters responded with things like, “wow” and “luv it.”Already, his webcam shows have been discovered by people he describes as “trolls.” Representative tweets include, “is that a mealworm in your pocket, or are you just happy to see us?

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