Ryan reynolds and anna faris dating


Grounded, Chris has no choice but to spend a couple of days visiting old friends and wandering the town.The 'romantic' part of the romantic comedy comes into play when Chris runs into Jamie, the girl who never let him past the 'just friends' barricade while they were in high school.As ' Chris Brander,' Reynolds goes from a grossly overweight high school student in love with the beautiful but unattainable Jamie Palamino (Smart) to a hunky ladies man who fled his hometown and now has the unenviable task of trying to make a bizarre pop singer (Faris) into a star.While escorting the spoiled diva to a party, their plane takes an unexpected detour back to Chris' hometown.“Because it’s really hard to lose 45 pounds in an hour without cutting an actual limb off. It didn’t have to necessarily be like a fat suit or anything, but it just felt great to experiment in that world of being a young, kind of semi-pubescent high schooler again. It was great to kind of reclaim it a little bit as that character and just feel free to be honest and wear my heart on my sleeve and be vulnerable and be sensitive, be everything that the future Chris Brander isn’t.In a way it kind of was sort of an architect of compassion for me for those guys that are out there and they’re players and they’re a little bit smarmy maybe. They’re just trying to avoid intimacy because they’ve been hurt.Both Ryan Reynolds and Anna Faris should be familiar with each other by now (and you should be familiar with them as an on-screen duo), as they've starred opposite one another in two pretty underrated comedies: Just Friends and Waiting.


Honestly, it's not very clear what this flick is about, but I completely trust Reynolds and Faris when it comes to comedy (especially when they're working off each other in the same movie), and so I'm definitely anticipating this one.The Scoop on "Just Friends:" Ryan Reynolds ("Blade: Trinity") plays a geeky high school student who transforms into a babe magnet in the romantic comedy, "Just Friends," co-starring Amy Smart and Anna Faris.



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