Random mature cam

Songs are written to be comedically self-censored, such as disregarding the rhyming scheme to avoid an obvious curse word.

Shorts based on mature content, such as Assassin's Creed, Five Nights at Freddy's and Dead Space, present light-hearted versions of the characters, rather than their colder in-game incarnations.

Random Encounters is an American musical web series co-created by AJ Pinkerton and Peter Srinivasan.

The series' first official short, "A Pikachu Song", premiered on You Tube on June 7, 2011.

Their first project as a brand ambassador, for the Challenge, was a musical promoting The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD.

The series' derives much of its humor from each song's lyrics, which often make reference to in-game events, pop culture or internet memes.



Musical styles for each short vary, but typically consist of extremely bouncy rhythms and quick tempos.

Some songs borrow heavily from other sources, such as Disney numbers or in-game themes.



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