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Is there a way to disable Automatic Updates specifically in Java 5.0 Update 11 through a registry hack or some kind of other fix?

I have read some places that it's possible and others say it's not possible. I need to package this for a rollout and need this feature disabled. id=38 WEBSTARTICON - set to 0 - removes webstart icon on desktop SYSTRAY - set to 1 - (which is default) puts coffee cup icon in Systray when applets run JAVAUPDATE - set to 0 - I don't want users being prompted to update the JRE I am trying hard to standardize!

There have been times where I have assumed something to work, and skimped on testing.

Sooner or later I'd be testing anyways, to patch up the mess I created =)Jib, You are absolutely correct in that if you skimp on testing, screwups are abundant.

you can use those properties on the commandline to do just that.

my MSI commandline is: ALLUSERS=1 REBOOT=REALLYSUPPRESS WEBSTARTICON=0 JAVAUPDATE=0 SYSTRAY=0I have Java 5.0 Update 10 deployed to my organization and in my transform have the following options: Install Execute Sequence Table Create Shortcuts (2150) removed Property Table EULA, 1 IEXPLORER, 1 JAVAUPDATE, 0 AUTOUPDATECHECK, 0 MOZILLA, 1 Reboot Yes No, No WEBSTARTICON, 0 My Java does not auto update.

Although I haven't tested this myself from what's been said here you could draw the conclusion that your transfrom won't work.

But that of course would be easy to verify in your testing environment!


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