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I didn't have any issues setting it up (I'm by no means a IT expert) and the 2 way speaker works fine.

It has notified me 2 times so far of outside movement at my house.

Loved the product so much got the wireless setup for inside the primary house and a 8 camera wired setup for outside to secure the property. But we remote view from android phones, downside is you must go in and out of the units instead of multi units on one screen.

The pan and tilt is mounted on the ceiling and unlike other brands, you can view the image perfectly as if you were standing in the room. 100% worth every penny you will spend to secure your home and property from any type of vandalism.

It's not intended for outdoor use I don't believe.


The camera was a great buy and i am happy with the image quality.The Setup was easy But i had to call tech support to get the two way audio to work.


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