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If the player dies inside the Dark Chasm, they will return to the last bonfire rested at.The only light in the area is provided by luminescent particles on the poison spitting statues strewn about the area.The Rotten, one of the four Old Ones, also calls this place its home.The beacons that must be lit are a large black bowl with a little metal part one can interact with; it must be lit by using a torch that itself must be lit with a Flame Butterfly; one may see when they are approaching the bowl by the surrounding black columns on the walls.The sconce cannot be lit using Pyromancy, thus it may be a good idea to stock up on Flame Butterflies if one is low – Weaponsmith Ornifex sells them.


The Black Gulch is a dark and decrepit cavern located far below Majula.

It is a favorable habitat for pit-dwelling monstrosities.

This location is accessible via a magic portal located at any of the three places one can find Darkdiver Grandahl in; each location the player can access the Dark Chasm of Old from offers a different area.

Each area challenges the player with lighting a sconce with a torch, killing all of the black phantoms so the fog wall covering the exit disappears, and then finally jumping through a dark, foggy pit which will teleport the player either back to Grandahl or, if all three areas have been successfully cleared out and their beacons lit, to the Darklurker.

When one first enters the covenant, the portal will be open, but subsequent attempts at the Dark Chasm of Old requires the player give Grandahl a Human Effigy to reopen the portal.

Considering the many deadly falls in the chasm and the enemies that boast high HP, this can be a potentially costly procedure if one dies a lot.



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