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یک اجتماع از کاربران، پژوهشگران و صنعتگران در حوزه رایانش ابری است که مایلند دقایقی را در کنار هم سپری کنند. شما نیز چنانچه علاقه‌مند هستید میتوانید در جلسات آن شرکت کنید و دانش خود را با سایر اعضا به اشتراک گذاشته و یا از دانش آنان استفاده کنید.


She attended the Faculty of Biology at the University of Florence, but the commitments of her husband and constant trips did not allow it to continue.

Furthermore, the priority of Rossella was the welfare of his family.

Rosa Segreto, Rossella for friends and relatives, was born in 1942 December 20, from a middle class family.

For the reason of the work of his father spent his childhood travelling throughout Italy.


She completed her primary studies around Italy and hoped to attend art school, encouraged by her father who appreciates her talent.Unfortunately at the age of thirteen, with her father's death, her artistic dreams vanished and she had to fall back on studies and masterful teaching, preferred by her mother who believed them to be more suitable for a woman.


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