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Accesso con invito del CIFI (Collegio Ingegneri Ferroviari Italiani). " organizzato da Legambiente, Editoriale La Nuova Ecologia e Kyoto Club, in partenariato con Cobat. November 2016, Solothurn (CH), Mobilitätssalon 2016 / Salon de la Mobilité 2016.

ICOET is the foremost multi-disciplinary, inter-agency supported conference addressing the broad range of ecological issues related to transportation systems.

Experts in transportation development, related scientific study, policy issues, and administrative processes gather at ICOET to share current research, quality applications, and best practices that can enhance both the project development process and the ecological sustainability of all transportation modes.

, Séminaire DUEE (déplacement urbanisme environnement énergie), co-organisé par le Cerema, le CNFPT et l’ADEME.

November 30, 2016, Rotterdam (NL), First European Bike Sharing Conference.

The symposium covers all scientific aspects of transportation and traffic, spanning all modes of transport, including freight, air, and maritime modes, as well as private and public transport.

May 14-18, 2017, Salt Lake City (USA), ICOET 2017, The 2017 International Conference on Ecology and Transportation.

24 novembre 2016, Milano (I), Conferenza CIFI "Ipotesi di sviluppo dell'alta velocità ferroviaria in Italia".Il tema della conferenza tratta: le prestazioni dell'infrastruttura delle linee ad alta velocità e del nuovo materiale rotabile ETR 1000; le caratteristiche dei siti pilota e i risultati delle corse prova a velocità superiore a 275 km/h sulle linee alimentate a 3 k V cc e superiore a 330 km/h su quelle alimentate a 25 k V ca.


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