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Justin Nozuka’s sophomore effort is a warm and soft but hardly subtle set of love songs, songs that are wistful and soul-searching and fall somewhere between Jeff Buckley and David Gray.


Breakups leave him a “Soulless Man” and the world is filled with “Hollow Men” while his own “heart beats fast with tenderness,” which is underlined by acoustic guitar and plaintive cello.

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Not sensible mood music, but this heart-on-the-sleeve stuff isn’t fluff, both as Nozuka’s soulful voice adds enough depth to take him seriously, and when he marries Justin Timberlake-like attitude with Van Morrison-like vamping on the hooky “Carried You,” it’s downright filling.Widening the spectrum are a couple bluesy numbers that add needed grit plus the leadoff single “My Heart Is Yours” which effectively employs some gospel choir vocals to drive its passionate point home.



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    Alexei designed the curlified Bodonito Display (2009), Eurotesque, Wire (2009, monoline sans), and Mod L (2009). There, he designed typefaces such as Rationale (2011, with Olexa Volochay and Vladimir Pavlikov), Vidaloka (2011, a didone done with Olga Karpushina), Alike (2009, with Svetlana Sebyakina), and Adamina (2011, a text typeface for small print: free at OFL). Suisse International Condensed Cyrillic won an award at Modern Cyrillic 2014. 1979, Khrystynivka, Cherkasy region, Ukraine) lives in Kremenchuk, Ukraine, and has been a prolific type designer since 2008.

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