Jolene van vugt and travis pastrana dating 2016

Pastrana’s wife, Lyndsey “Lyn-Z” Hawkins, is also part of the show, and one of her stunts is riding a skateboard down the same ramp and making a 75-foot jump.


One of her stunts includes piloting a Barbie car down a 50-foot-tall ramp.She’s currently recuperating from a crash last September that has required seven surgeries in the past three months.“Stuff like jumping out of airplanes without a parachutes — really, really big stunts just for fun.“We were lucky we had a brand, which meant that people had heard of it, it was going to be fun, and people bought tickets.We were able to sell enough tickets to put on a huge production, so we signed all the biggest athletes across the world in the various disciplines to work exclusively with us.”The business has grown so large that it now takes 20 tractor-trailers to move all the equipment from one city to the next, and six double-decker sleeper buses to transport the performers and crew.


So how did Fayetteville wind up on the Nitro Circus’ radar? His company works with local venue operators and cities to book smaller venues at drastically lower prices than Madison Square Garden, then cuts the price of tickets accordingly “to make it more affordable for families,” Porra said.Nitro Circus performers include Canada’s Jolene Van Vugt, whom Porra said is second only to Pastrana in terms of stature in the sport.


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