Jennifer aniston dating matt leblanc


A source told the tabloid they overheard David Schwimmer out to dinner with alleged Aniston lover Matt Le Blanc and they were talking about the Aniston-Theroux nuptials. he couldn’t believe he’d been snubbed because he was an important person in Jen’s life for 10 years.” Matt Le Blanc was asked at a promotional event for his Showtime series Episodes why he wasn’t at the wedding and he said, “If she wanted me there, I would have been there.” And Matthew Perry was also quizzed on the wedding at a press tour for The Odd Couple and said, “I wasn’t invited. ” That’s pretty telling if the guys were willing to be that blunt on the red carpet.


So could Aniston have cheated Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer out of an invite to cover up not inviting her previous adulterous partner Le Blanc?

According to In Touch, Schwimmer was shocked by the wedding snub.


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