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Joe Satriani, with whom Jonathan is currently touring, will headline a guitar extravaganza that will roll its rock across America for five weeks in late summer.

Joe has given Einstein the opening slot in the multi-act show, which means Mover will do double duty, warming up the crowd with his trio and then closing it with Satriani, whose road band also includes his lonq time session drummer Jeff Campitelli on rhythm guitar, keyboards, and percussion.

The frenetic "NYC/Dublin/NYC" combines Mangini's high-speed piano work with energetic dance grooves, bagpipes and vocal samples from a flight attendant, then goes into a lush, cinematic break before returning to the original motif.

On "Aunt Jane," Mangini's piano rides atop a funky groove, some edgy guitar work from Pitrelli and all kinds of samples, including an answering-machine message from Mangini's actual Aunt Jane.

"Shopping for Camels" combines casbah accents, handclap rhythms, organ accents, acoustic guitar and jazzy piano, while the lovely "Cecily," which builds into an anthemic production, is more of a straightforward composition.



In a lot of ways Mover's efforts echo Terry Bozzio's optimistic dreams of over a decade ago when that drummer left the predictable path to put together his own band, Missing Persons.Let's hope the world has become a better place since then and that history won't repeat itself.



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