Is sean patrick flanery still dating lauren hill

Health I think our first and ultimate responsibility in this life is in taking care of the most valuable gift we’ve ever been given… The most important natural resource we have is our own person.So, whatever a person claims is important to them in this life, they must first make sure that they are around to MAKE it important.If we are going to have kids, I think we owe it to them to make sure we are around as long as possible to oversee their upbringing and safety.Why make a decision that may ultimately cheat your child out of a few essential years with you.He possesses a quality of believability that I think is really rare. But there is something seriously fucking wrong with you if you talk bullshit about Lauren Flanery, who neither of us really know because Sean keeps their life very private. I couldn’t care less about the Norman drama and who’s right and who is wrong or whatever.There are few absolutes in life, but smoking is one of them.


Music Having a musical life is like having a steering wheel on the back of your head…you can take yourself anywhere you want to go, depending on what song you put on.I have a distinct and memorable soundtrack for every important moment in my life.


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