Fuel cell history updating

The Remote Diagnostics Function records distance, speed and used hydrogen fuel and is therefore not only able to send drivers helpful notifications in real time, but also to gain valuable information and insights that will be used to promote the further development of hydrogen technology and infrastructure worldwide, making a substantial contribution to innovation in Fuel Cell technology.

To coordinate refuelling, drivers on this trip are using Hyundai’s new Fuel Cell mobile app that has just been launched for i OS and Android.

After having crossed Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, the convoy arrived in Hamburg.

The city of Hamburg is home to four hydrogen refilling stations in total.

Fuel cell technology milestones along the way The route across Europe marks hydrogen history: Bergen, where the trip started on 12 June, will open a new hydrogen filling station soon, connecting the Oslo region with the Norwegian south and west coast.

On its first day, the convoy crossed Norway from Bergen to Larvik to take the ferry to Hirtshals, Denmark and finish the day in Aalborg.


On the 2,500-kilometre journey the Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell has to prove its endurance and practicality under different weather and road conditions.

The road trip also serves to demonstrate the growing hydrogen infrastructure across Europe and promote its further development.



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