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I'm a born again artist, only revisiting my talent after a long absence and found that my ultra realistic pieces satisfy me the most I do dabble in anime especially the naughtier sides.I'm always up for a challenge to create so if you want to ask for anyt... Well I suppose I should start with my looks, then move onto my personality and finish with my likes and dislikes right?


Well then: First- I'm a very tall (6ft 1) girl from mixed race parents, this has given me a ...

Just another lowlife, cheating man who is addicted to helping sluts and whores cum.


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    Truthfully, lots of guys are looking for a hookup, and they know enough nice guys to act just like them.

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    You will be attracted to dating unusual people this year.

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    Rain over my house, over your house, over our city.

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    I wish I could say that I have learned enough to give you some concrete answers and facts on the differences.

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