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Title: "Getting By With a Little Help From My Friends”Fandom: Hawaii Five-OWord Count: 4,100Rating: PG-13Warning: None. Heart pounding, Kono rips her gloves off, tossing them onto the bench. Thought I’d warm up.”“You call beating the crap out of a bag warming up? He’s dressed in a pair of black sweat pants and a sleeveless blue Navy t-shirt revealing the tattoos down his biceps. But that doesn’t stop her determination; alternating fists, adding her knees to the mix, she battles back the swell of anger and pain deep inside. ”With a final jab, the bag goes flying and Steve grabs a hold of it, keeping it from rocking back. ”A coy smile reveals more than any words and Kono strides back and forth to keep her muscles limber, coffee and adrenaline trying to one up each other in her blood.She’s always burned with curiosity about where he’s been, what he’s done, but has always stopped herself from voicing such thoughts out loud. To go from goofy smiles to a face of chiseled stone. “You’ve earned a black belt in taekwondo,” he says, shaking Kono out of her reverie.“But I’ve noticed some kickboxing elements.”Kono’s martial arts experience is listed in her record, but only those she’s completed courses in.


He feigns forward and steps back before prowling in a slow circle.When he finally lashes out, she’s ready, wrists rattling against bone. I won’t learn.”Like a light turned off, Steve’s eyes go dark and flat, his hands all furious motion.


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