Dating martin acoustic guitars

The Southern California Music Company requested the the Martin name not appear on their early Hawaiian guitars, preferring to use the name "Nunes", which was respected among Hawaiian players.

During the years, some of their guitars had the So Cal name stamped on the back of the headstock, some had the Martin name, some both, and some none at all.

The Wurlitzer Company chose to use both their name and the Martin name on some guitars, while you will find only the Wurlitzer name on others.


For a short time in 1900, Martin also stamped the serial numbers of some guitars on the end of the headstock. Raised ivory fingerboard & neck, tapered fretboard No. According to the revised edition of Longworth, "the second version of the logo, with black edging, soon came in two sizes.for Buegeleisen & Jacobson In 1922 Martin produced the Beltone 2-17 Special In 1923 Martin produced three Style 0-21 guitars and a few ukuleles for the Bacon Banjo Company in Groton, Connecticut. Many, but not all, of the guitars Martin made for other firms were stamped with the names of those firms.


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