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Like many Thai girls, she brought someone along, her sister.I wasn’t surprised by this and was actually glad: if she was willing to bring her sister, it must have meant she was serious.

I also connected with a girl from Thailand, and we struck up a friendship. I was surprised that she only had fifty friends on her Facebook and when I asked her about this, she said she wasn’t a big Facebook user.

This pleased me since I don’t really dig girls whose noses are buried in their cell phones, constantly updating their statuses in their eternal quest for Facebook “Likes”. We finally met face to face when I arrived in Chiang Mai four months ago.


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    But before any of that can happen, victims need to come forward.

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    Extensive Carpet Selection: Over 500 carpet products on display in our Scottsdale Showroom.

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    Please enter a nickname in the box below (if available) and click the Chat Now button.

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    Like all features, CS cards are fun and totally FREE! There are no fees or hidden charges whatsoever..catches, no fees, no gimmicks.

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    Lindsay was forbidden from consuming alcohol and scheduled to appear in court on July 6.

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