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The homemaker who gives all to raise their children and make them people of good character, especially those with little money, are just as valiant as a veteran, even more so!

As a Vietnam Veteran, I was a little upset with people like Jane Fonda, or those who went to Canada, but now I realize they also performed a service by opposing war.

My husband at the time (Also in the Army, but not Jewish) were stationed in Germany and lived in a small town near Vieheim.I never told our landlord I was Jewish because there was much anti-semitism in FGR.My Mother asked one older Jewish man why he stated in Germany.He replied that this (Germany) was his country and would never leave.

He spoke for every Jew Isreal is "our" country and will never leave it, or our roots. Shalom Our organization Jewish War Veterans USA was formed by Civil War veterans as a result of stories that Jews didn't fight in that conflict.

We are the oldest, active, veterans organization still in existence.


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