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“There are certain factors that suggest a relationship is workable and salvageable,” writes Susan Pease Gadoua in If you’re considering divorce, you might think about fighting for your marriage if there is a foundation of mutual love, if both partners are willing to work through physical or emotional infidelity, and if both spouses are willing to recommit to staying married.

They may help you make the decision only you can make.

“A divorce is like an amputation; you survive it, but there’s less of you.” ~ Margaret Atwood.

If you’re thinking about leaving your husband, you need to learn as much about separation and divorce as possible.

This book is informative and comprehensive, and it’ll teach you how to get through a divorce.

This advice on how to leave your husband will help you figure out what steps to take.

The first step is making the decision that leaving your husband is better than staying married.

will help you deal with anger and fear, choose a lawyer, talk to your husband, help children through the divorce, think about employment opportunities, and more.Talk to a marriage counselor or marriage coach about how to leave your husband. You’re not looking for someone to tell you what you should do; you’re looking for wise counsel to help you make the right decision.The second step is realizing that divorce will be painful, no matter how bad your marriage Lynette Triere and Richard Peacock is the first book you should read if you want to know how to leave your husband.


The tips in this article are intended to help women decide if they should leave their husbands.If you already know you want to leave, read How to Leave a Man You Love – But Can’t Live With.


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