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Digital distribution moves a lot faster than it used to but you should still choose a distributor and make sure if you are ordering physical copies of your music that you get them in plenty of time, especially if you are running a pre-sale or having a release party and you want to offer physical product at the show.

*Note albums used to come out on a Tuesday and now Friday is the official release (if you going by industry standards) CD Baby, Tunecore etc doesn’t cover everything and independently you need to also be aware of additional distribution outlets for increased reach, a list that includes Soundcloud, Pandora and creating playlists on Spotify. To be taken seriously it is very important to have a complete and professional looking online 360 degree presence. You need have a modern and functional site that you can update on your own.




Marketing Plans used to be a combined creation of manager, label A&R and marketing team, booking agent, and publisher who would be responsible for coming up with a big picture strategy and implementing a plan for each domain that he or she was responsible for.It is completely baffling that an artist or band would work so hard on new music, dedicating hours and hours practicing, writing songs, not to mention spending large sums of money recording, mixing and mastering, creating visuals, and album artwork only to rush the release with no plan in place.


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