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This is the autonomous attitude many of our sociologists have taken toward their work.

This attitude arises from the nature of the "clients" for whom our most influential sociological knowledge was developed.

Some condemn it as merely a textbook science, developed by authors remote from the grime, tension, and struggle of everyday life; others hold it is only too infused with society's unattractive aspects.

Sociology got its name in France more than a century ago.

Editor's Foreword Popularly sociology appears in diverse guises.

It labels a college class which often deals with problems about life and living, about sex and getting ahead.

These problems were formerly discussed frankly only in student "bull sessions" behind closed doors.

Sociology is criticized for being only a bourgeois answer to proletarian radicalism and agitation.

We owe a great deal of what we know about human society to keen European social observers and theorists even though Europeans now often call the discipline an "American science." One of the greatest contributions of Americans to the subject is something we are now in danger of losing.

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The c Uents are suggested by my references to "bull sessions" and to "textbook science." Our early sociologists tried to help college students understand their rapidly changing social world, and they did so with the optimistic concern for reform and social justice common in our new and expanding country.


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