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We Earthlings still plunder, enslave and kill whomever our elites indicate.

Some, however, stayed; they and their descendants (the power elite) rule us to this day. We watched them kill each other to rule; the elite today still kill each other and each others’ followers.

Our ancestors plundered, enslaved or killed whomever their master, the dominant Nibiran in their area, indicated.

The Anunnaki ruined their eastern Mediterranean cities with nuclear blasts and fallout storms.

Most of the Anunnaki returned to Nibiru by 311 BCE.

Before 9703 BCE Enki and his lover Batanash begat Noah.

After Noah’s Flood, Anunnaki ruled through Noah’s sons’ descendants.

Join us for the first “ANCIENT ALIENS, ANUNNAKI, NIBIRU & GODS” online conference.


They taught us hierarchy, violence, greed, slavery, debt.

They made us worship them, call them “gods.” Two hundred thousand years ago, , their Chief Scientist, begat a line of Earthlings whom he exalted.

We explore the alien/extraterrestrial and interdimensional connection and influence on the Earth and the creation and continual intervention on the evolution of the creatures, plants, animals, sentient life, beings and features of this world by outside forces.

This is an online internet conference with your hosts/moderators: Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. By way of introduction to the Goliaths from the planet Nibiru mined gold on Earth 400,000 years ago.

Three hundred thousand years ago they created Earth-adapted, short-lived mine slaves (that’s us) from their genome.

We called them “Anunnaki,” People-from-the-Sky or Serpent-People.


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