Cheryl joe dating

judge were spotted holding hands as they left blogger Lily England's 30th birthday party.

Payne and Fernandez-Versini both wore all-black outfits to the fête at Salmontini restaurant.

"After months of debate Cheryl is really relieved the terms have been finally agreed by both sides."All this comes amid rumours that Cheryl and new boyfriend Liam Payne are expecting a baby, and while they are yet to confirm or deny things, Louis Walsh has decided now is the time to speak out about just how in lurrrrve the pair are.

Speaking to Event Magazine, Louis says: "Can I be honest with you about Cheryl?

He appeared on the show again as a contestant in 2010, and has reportedly been dating the 32-year-old since late 2015. but they're enjoying things," a source recently told Us Weekly.

"[They hate that word] is out there, [but Liam is] kind of relieved at the same time because now they don't have to be paranoid about getting caught." Payne split from his girlfriend of over two years, Sophie Smith, in October.

She is currently the subject of pregnancy rumors after her mom was seen shopping for baby clothes.

Fernandez-Versini's mom, Joan Callaghan, was seen with the couple at the event.

The One Direction singer first met Fernandez-Versini when he auditioned on in 2008.


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