Chat bots

Perhaps more importantly, can you get people to accept the domain?A good way to see this problem in action is to compare Siri and Google Now, both of which are of course bots .Chat bots tap into two very current preoccupations.On one hand, the hope that they can actually work is a reflection of the ongoing explosion of AI, and on the other, they offer a way to reach users without having to get them to install an app.

Google Now is push-based - it only says anything if it thinks it has something for you.In contrast, Siri has to cope with being asked anything, and of course it can't always understand.


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    You can also send unlimited messages using live video for FREE.

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    Ce jeu "à la Chatroulette" vous permet de faire des rencontres et d'interagir avec des étrangers en direct en vidéo chat! Préparez vos costumes, appelez vos amis et sortez vos plus belles grimaces!

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    This article is about the American reality television series.

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