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Working out four hours a day is not going to get you the body you want. Because your body will never be the body you want with the current mentality most of us operate with.

Our superhuman power is locating five flaws in 0.5 seconds.

What if the very first thing we did in the morning was identify one thing we absolutely LOVE about ourselves.

Let’s try to merge the two sides of the coin (aka meal): #1: I want to be healthy.

I can love myself on my way to accomplishing my goals. When you look in a FULL LENGTH mirror in the morning, what do you do?

That's why I put together a magic potion that's free for download. Tell your friends about it too, this sh*t is made for sharing! Here’s how most of my conversations go: ME: “Hey girl, good to see you in class. I’m not talking someone who has fallen off the workout wagon and hopped back on. It’s like I planted bamboo in the corner of my apartment.

The first step is easy, add your email below and get ready to fly with me (unless you're afraid of heights, then wecan walk, or run after our dreams). No thanks, I’ve already made all my dreams come true Your privacy is guaranteed. Have you noticed no one is happy with their body anymore? I’m not talking about the majority of the country’s population who are a part of our obesity crisis. Setting attainable goals, working hard to chase them down and reach them is the meat and potatoes of life.


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