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.65 (601-7024-01) Jet Scan Shelf.6 Jet Sort High Speed Coin Sorter/Counters GSA NET PRICE,366.05MODEL2000PART NUMBER(600-9003-00)ITEM NUMBER[50-287]GSA NET PRICEPART NUMBERJet Sort 2000 base unit.Does not include any coin boxes or bag adapters.,215.65 4605 (634-9605-00) [50-287]Accessories for Jet Sort Model 2000 .40 (600-0146-01) Coin Box.Mixed Currency - Jet Scan will process a stack of mixed bills and provide the total value plus a breakdown by denomination.Series 1610 is a stand alone encoder, and Series 1620 can be used for stand alone or computer interfaced applications.Adapter RJ45..70Dust Cover..80Crossover Cable Kit 7. GSA NET PRICEThese units make quick work of coin counting and packaging.

REPAIR PARTSThe following quantity discounts are for all 50-287 SINs except Options and Accessories: 2-3 Units - 3% 4-9 Units - 5% 10+ Units - 7%.SIN 51-224 Paper Shredders, Options and Accessories.2 -Communications Internal Hardware + 4 comm's ports.4 -Votrax Hardware (All needed equipment is included).

Functions, departments, and/or individuals can be identified using variable lines.

Sort - Here, Jet Scan makes quick work of sorting and counting mixed money with unequalled ease and accuracy.


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