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She’s reported to have tried later to salvage the deal, but she had already lost it.3) Ini Edo – 60 Million Naira She has five buildings to her credit and another one to be completed by the end of the year. By 2007, she had earned N15.7 million from movies and her businesses.

A model and also a singer, she became the Face of Lux in 2004 and was subsequently involved with Pronto beverage and Omo detergent. N14.7 million came from her two-year deal with Lux (0,000).

With no great interest in real estate, she decided to dive into the fashion industry. Genevieve in 2008 which is presently being managed by fashion icon Zizi Cardow and is reportedly worth N20 million.

The Bellitanner Cabs are the first results of a starting cooperation between Roger Tanner and NY’s designer Michael Kerschbaumer.

Number 1 Telenovela Blog for summaries and reviews of entertaining T. Read by over 355,000 Lovers per month from 157 countries, with over 2 million page impressions per month Below are the Top 10 Richest Nollywood Actresses of All Times Culled from PEACE FM.

There is no doubt that she would have been topping this list with a great margin if she eventually got the Glo deal.

She became the first to be contacted by Globacom, but she demanded N50 million while globacom wanted to sign her on for N30 million.


The innovative Lambda tubes outlined below, get theit Name from the greek letter that they resemble and their purpose is to allow the down and seat tube to cantilever off of them.this proviodes more clearence for the front and rear wheel allowing for a shorter wheel base and stiffer responsive handeling.Though they have a humble beginning, they have quietly made it to the top as compiled by naijan.com1) Kate Henshaw-Nuttall –67 Million Naira By 2006, she had earned N10 million and the following year, she reached N12 million.The warm and beautiful star is also a model, a former Glo Ambassador, and face of Onga (brand from Promasidor) and has since earned a whopping N20 million between 20.2) Genevieve Nnaji – 64 Million Naira By 2009, she raised the bar and she was paid ,000 in the blockbuster international hit movie ‘IJE’ produced by Chineze Anyaene.

Make a change for your personal liberty, not being tucked away in overcrowded tubes, buses, or circling hours for a parking lot, waiting for a taxi to stop.

Just go wherever you want, whenever you want, and don’t give a shit about public transportation complainers: you are finally free, feel it!



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