Bollywood weddings dating engagement and marriage in hindu america

A rather accidental connection…but a good enough excuse to slip in the spectacle of an exotic wedding.Then, it was telly supper on Friday night, and since my family occasionally wants to watch something more light-weight than diasporic family movies , we watched our latest dispatch from, (2010).The recently divorced Liz Gilbert (Julia Roberts) takes off on a round-the-world trip to find herself and re-learn how to eat (huge amounts of food looking yummier than in any television cookery programme, in Italy), pray (and learn to meditate in just three months, in an ashram in India) and love (clearly the most difficult challenge, in Bali), again.


The other day when I was flying back from the SCMS conference in New Orleans (where I convened a panel on ‘Family and Nation in the Age of Globalisation’ – soon to be podcast on this site!

), my colleague and fellow traveller Sarita Malik, who knows that I have a professional interest in ‘diasporic wedding films’, recommended (2008) to me - ‘because there’s an Indian wedding scene’.

So with nothing better to do and an uncomfortable seat on a long overnight flight, I tuned in.

But after ten minutes I thought, surely, in a film starring Colin Firth and Uma Thurman and set in WASP middle class New York, I’ll be waiting in vain for a Bollywood-style wedding…

Not Liz’s own but that of an Indian woman whom she meets in Gita’s ashram and who dreads the prospect of the arranged marriage.

Fortunately, Liz manages to focus all her meditative energies on her Indian friend, so there's a good chance of true love blossoming in this arranged marriage.


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