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In his 2000 book, , author David Cavanagh summed up the secret to Mc Gee's success: "The reason Creation succeeded where other labels failed is not because Mc Gee is a success and his rivals are all failures, but because he persevered when they gave up; because he took risks while they played safe and because he found Oasis just when he needed them."Essential Albums:10.

Felt (1986)Arguably the most intriguing and misunderstood figure in Creation's history was Felt's mononymous leader, Lawrence.

Nicknamed the "International Guardians of Rock and Roll," Creation was there leading the way for every major movement in rock music in its 17-year run: indie pop and C86, acid house, shoegaze, grunge and Britpop.


He was an absolute paradox: one of UK indie's most prolific songwriters, he released ten albums of outsider bedroom pop in seven years, along with a slew of singles, but he was also a self-defeating dreamer who savoured his inability to succeed.Despite a devoted cult following, Felt were often overshadowed by another jangly indie band with an eccentric frontman.He even managed to spin a solemn lyric like "All the people I like are those that are dead" into a sing-along chorus.As Mc Gee would later explain in (1993)"If there's one thing I genuinely, genuinely believe it's that this band are gonna be massive. "Okay, so Piotr Fijalkowski was a little off with his prediction, but when the singer/guitarist of Adorable had Alan Mc Gee telling people his band were the next Sex Pistols, why shouldn't he think such a thing?

With Felt's sixth album, showed remarkable restraint from Lawrence to keep things cohesive and focused for a change.

Unlike on previous efforts, he eschewed layered instrumentals and penned eight perfectly minimal gems that were as accessible as they were insular.


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