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But now we’re aiming for the Budokan, and before then, we must perform 220 shows.When asked whether she had any fond memories of visiting Tokyo Disneyland, Matsuura replied, “Unfortunately, I’ve never been to Disneyland with a special someone.If I finally go on a date there, I’ll let everyone know on my blog!Like, “ Nippon Budokan, to me, is this place of aspiration for people involved in music.Everyone pictures the stage of Budokan, thinking about how they’d like to one day stand on it themselves.

Matsuura, who auditioned for the all-girl pop group Morning Musume in 2000, became a long-time member of Hello!Project - a Mickey Mouse Club-esque collective of young Japanese pop artists. Like many Japanese pop idols, Matsuura has worked in a multitude of assignments ranging from solo work and collaborations with other idols, to hosting a radio talk show and acting.



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