Aol mail not updating

AOL mail, AIM mail, Lucky Mail and Compuserve mail all use AOL's IMAP server.Netscape mail accounts have been migrated to AIM mail.Its recommended you use Local Folders if you want to store sent mail, email drafts, and templates.The main difference between the different versions of "AOL mail" is that a AOL account imposes the most restrictions on what you can do with the IMAP server and a AIM account the least.The IMAP server does not support AOL-only features such as AOL Return Receipts and checking a message's status.You cannot manually add messages to the Inbox or Sent Items folders.


Instead you have to create a folder named after your email address and then configure Tools - "when sending messages automatically" to use that folder.

If you don't do this the only way to save a copy of the sent message is to use a different email provider's SMTP server.

This article has not yet been updated to reflect changes in the latest release of the application, such as different menu sequences or feature options.

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AOL does not allow a email client to copy a message to Sent Items, but does not return an error message if the email client does that.

This causes Thunderbird to keep waiting until it times out.


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