Anonymous internet dating

“You can also turn off the ability to be seen or match with Facebook friends,” said David Yarus, the founder of JSwipe, in an online exchange, but noted the desire to block hasn’t been an issue as far as he know.

You had a safe buffer from rejection because you didn’t actually know the person: You weren’t dealing with a “real” human, but rather a picture and maybe some text.“However, Ok Cupid has a couple [of] features that will be rolled out in the next couple months which we think will help address the problem.This would have been less disconcerting if he hadn’t also been in the office at the time, he admits with a laugh.Grindr shows your range of potential matches in a geographical region, which the user sets, and you can also bar users from seeing you, explained a Grindr press representative. You can hit an “unblock all” later if you want, but once they’re blocked they will not see you,” he told The Daily Beast.


Before even fully processing all of the potential implications —Had he already seen me? Should I tell him his first photo kind of makes him look like a d-bag? Though part of the allure of dating sites and apps is allowing you to engage in the vulnerable acts of courtship through screens rather than in-person interactions, I’ve discovered there isn’t the buffer of anonymity that I once perceived.

In under a year, I’ve seen the faces of six former and current employees where I work flash across my phone.


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