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Perry voluntarily transferred to Washington last spring for personal reasons. it's great to have that God-given speed,'' Perry said. The meeting's purpose would have been to help Lawson sort things out and show him that he could count on everyone's support. However, the Cavaliers' other starters are returning.



He has scheduled official visits to Pittsburgh and Maryland as well as a tentative visit to North Carolina State. "We kind of got the message," said Glenn Simpson, the school's athletic director. La Salle and the University of Nevada-Las Vegas were nixed last week.Also among his suitors are Florida, Syracuse, Wisconsin, Purdue, Texas A & M, Temple, Connecticut . "He said he had already signed the letter of intent. " Mindful that Lawson, a star 6-10 center, had experienced all varieties of consternation while trying to pick between 'Nova and Virginia - his indecision had forced the cancellation of a tell-the-world press conference one day earlier - Simpson kiddingly ordered Lawson to look him in the eye and say that Villanova was, indeed, the choice. While happy days might not be here again for Villanova, which went 8-19 last season after Lappas replaced Rollie Massimino, local flavor is. I love it.'' Although the Washington portion of Perry's football career included major disappointment last Saturday, when the unbeaten Eagles were shocked by Jules Mastbaum Tech, 40-32, in a Public League semifinal, it ended on the high of highs.In the last quarter - with 28 seconds remaining, no less, on second-and-goal from the 6 - he scored to win the game. Trying to get into the right corner of the end zone, Perry leaped from the 3, did a half-flip after getting hit low by linebacker Neal Regan and landed on his butt a half-yard beyond the goal line. I'm going to miss it so much.'' As a sophomore, at a time when the Catholic League had different eligibility rules regarding transfers, Perry was prohibited from representing Dougherty in Northern Division games. My parents were behind me no matter what the decision was. I said I was set on Villanova and ready to sign the papers. " Lawson, who last season averaged 24.7 points, 14.9 rebounds and 8.2 blocked shots for the 19-5 Trojans and finished with 1,270 career points, said he chose Villanova over Virginia "because I'll be featured at Villanova," adding, "I'll have a chance to become a prominent player early in my career.

If Washington had failed to score, the game would have ended in a tie. After Perry scored, Washington's Ivan Kosty recovered a squib kick that bounced off the leg of a Ryan player. In the first game of his junior season, he rushed 14 times for 219 yards and four touchdowns in a 46-45 loss to Kennedy-Kenrick, and even added a fifth TD on a punt return. I looked to them for support more than anyone else . " Lawson is expected to become the immediate starting center for coach Steve Lappas.After quarterback Edvard Jean did one last kneel-down to end it, almost all of Washington's players raced to the end zone to celebrate. He first whipped his helmet into the air, then dropped to both knees, placed his hands on his face and began to cry. ``It was just hitting me how it was my last high school football game. However, the season was largely a disappointment as Dougherty finished 3-7. " In the room with Lawson and Simpson were Lawson's brother, David Lyons, coach Jim Evans, principal Pat Taggart and college counselor Steve Rosen. Undoubtedly, he also would have started at Virginia as the replacement for the graduating Ted Jeffries.


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