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Citing Ogborn's lawyers' "incredible success," Senior Judge Tom Mc Donald approved fees of 4,325 for the lead trial lawyer, Ann Oldfather, and 1,250 to Kirsten Daniel, her co-counsel, as well as ,000 in sanctions against Mc Donald's for misconduct in the litigation.Daniel said yesterday that she and Oldfather were ecstatic about the award. Margaret Keane, a partner at Greenebaum Doll & Mc Donald, which defended the restaurant company, declined to comment, and a spokesman for Mc Donald's didn't respond to a request for comment.Bracken County Jail Bracken County, Kentucky Trans Cor October 12, 2005 Maysville Ledger Independent With a ,000 good news report, Augusta-Brooksville-Bracken County Industrial Authority Chairman Tom Stephenson appeared before Bracken County Fiscal Court Wednesday.Change is what Jailer Gary Riggs wanted when a bill for was taken out of his budget for costs to retrieve two prisoners from Louisiana.The pair allegedly served some jail time in Louisiana and returned to Kentucky at the request of Bracken County Sheriff Mike Nelson who used the services of Transcor to bring them back.Following what Riggs and magistrates felt was a costly trip, the criminal charges against the pair were reduced and time served, including in Louisiana, was assessed, plus probation and court costs.The fees were awarded to Ogborn on top of the October 2007 verdict, under a provision of the Kentucky Civil Rights Act designed to promote vigorous advocacy for plaintiffs.

Magistrates agreed to pay the bill the county received for 3.21 from Transcor and look into the retrieval cost situation."I have no say over what the sheriff's office does, yet they take the funds out of my budget," said Riggs.In July, Anthony Silvey and Ashley Luman were caught by Louisiana authorities after an auto theft arrest in Bracken County.Specifics about those contracts have not been made public.


November 15, 2008 Courier-Journal A judge has ordered Mc Donald's pay .4 million in attorney fees and costs to Louise Ogborn, the Bullitt County woman who last year won a .1 million verdict in her strip-search hoax lawsuit against the company.


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